• We remove asbestos cement and resin products from domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings for re-development
  • We dismantle and remove concrete garages for new landscaping projects.
  • We replace old and leaky garage roofs with new modern roofing.
  • We break up and dispose of concrete for new landscaping.
  • We provide bags and skip liners for safe asbestos removal
  • We work with the forestry Commission in the North West of England to remove any fly-tipped asbestos from the forests; keeping our environment safe.
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Asbestos is dangerous to human health. We manage and assess it, giving clear guidance on avoidance, repair and removal. where it’s bonded, we dismantle it and dispose of it.

What was the ‘magic’ mineral of the industrial revolution in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Asbestos fibres are a major health hazard born from the legacy of a cheap and efficient mineral added to the manufacturing of nearly 4000 products.

During the boom years of the 1950s -1970s, millions of tonnes of asbestos was imported and used in the UK construction, Electrical, Shipbuilding and Engineering industries. Its use was finally banned in November 1999 but millions of buildings and plant still contain asbestos to this day, according to the HSE.

Working with asbestos requires specific training in the removal and transportation and insurance to protect everyone involved. Asbestos fibres kill 5000 people every year in the UK and there’s no sign of a decline. Our company was set up to identify, manage and remove asbestos where necessary with the sole aim of protecting peoples health.

Call us on 01925 967 211 to discuss your requirements.