Artex Off | New Plaster On

Get rid of the artex and the asbestos threat in your home by going back to brick with a fresh new plaster finish. Call us on 01925 967 211 to discuss your requirements.

If you’ve decided to remove the Artex from your home the first step is to get it tested for asbestos content. The reason for this is to determine the plan of work for removal and how the waste will be classified; hazardous or non-hazardous? Test results can be obtained in 24 hours.

The next step is to completely remove the existing artexed wall back to brick and remove any artexed ceilings back to the roof joists. Clear away the mess ready for new plaster work giving a smooth finish to walls and ceilings and peace of mind there’s no more artex in the home.

Whilst the walls and ceilings are bare is a good opportunity for remodelling the home electrics, timber work and plumbing; We’ll even take care of the painting and decorating if required.