Taken from The Official Handbook to Widnes, 1920 The Asbestos Cement Industry.

Although the asbestos industry is practically in its infancy so far as Widnes is concerned its future developments are demanding attention. Two separate firms are engaged in producing Asbestos cement goods, and are in a position to cope with home and foreign trade.

An interesting speciality in the industry is the manufacture of flat and embossed sheets advertisement plates, notices, signs, slates and tiles, all in plain and porcelain finishes. “ Widnes Asbestos Tiles ” are unique in design and have a special corrugation giving great flexion strength.

They are used in the place of ordinary slates and corrugated iron, and are rapidly replacing galvanised corrugated iron because they do not decay and are of better appearance. Furthermore, these tiles are vermin and insect proof.

These and other forms of Asbestos cement products are being extensively used in the chief engineering. shipbuilding and other industries, in Aeronautics, Chemistry and Scientific Investigation, etc. Thus, it will be seen that there is a big market for this class of goods, and there is no reason why Widnes should not secure a fair share of the trade.

Each of the firms named have adopted he motto “ Thorough, ” a “ slogan ” that accounts for their confidence to face competition.

The British Everite and Asbestilite Works, Ltd., Widnes. It is a curiously short‑sighted policy that, while we spend millions annually in grappling with fire, we continue almost invariably to construct our buildings of highly inflammable materials, when in “ Everite ” we have a building material which the fiercest fire cannot pass.

Ever since Asbestos curtains were prescribed as a safety measure in theatres, scientists have been seeking some Asbestos material suitable for building work. The result is “ Everite ” and “ Asbestilite ” two building materials formed by combining genuine Portland Cement with Asbestos. Impervious to every known destructive and corrosive agency.

With years it toughens and hardens, thus saving a considerable bill for repairing. It cannot rot, chip, crack, flake, warp or decay, nor does it expand or contract with changes in temperature.

Sparks, heat and fuses cannot affect it and for engine‑houses and similar structures it is ideal. “ Everite ” corrugated roofing material is at once cheap and immune from, breakage and atmospheric effects ; in all ways infinitely superior to any other substance used for this purpose. “Asbestilite” Building Sheets for wall linings. ceilings, etc., are fireproof sound‑proof, and damp‑proof.

They can be papered, painted, dis-tempered or re‑enamelled as desired. “Asbestilite” tiling is lighter, stronger and cheaper than any other artificial and far better than quarried slates. It is made in permanent Indian Red, Staffordshire Blue, Rustic Bronze or Slate Gray, and as the colour penetrates right through, painting is never necessary. Interior and exterior decoration can be carried out at will.

Millions of square feet of the material have been specified by H.M. Office of Works, seriously restricting the Company from prompt execution of private orders in the home and export markets. However, it is to be hoped that War has eliminated the German article, and, determined that the British building trade should never again have need to use any but genuine British materials.

The British Everite and Asbestilite Works Ltd. own extensive modern works at Farnworth and Bold, Widnes, a few miles beyond Warrington, Lancs. The registered office of the Company is at 29, Peter Street, Manchester.