Asbestos Flue Removal

Asbestos cement flues from redundant or near to redundant boilers contain 10-15% Chrysotile Fibres. The chrysotile is bonded within the cement matrix and unless it’s in a poor cracked or broken condition is considered to be low risk and can be made safer by encapsulation.

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If the flue pipe has to be removed expect to pay a minimum of £250 for it’s removal. The price will be determined by the size of the flue pipe and how easily it can be removed. Asbestos disposal costs are determined by weight and the cost of transport. Asbestos flue pipes are dense and can be quite heavy; they must be double bagged for their journey to landfill.

A lot of boiler fitting contractors will not install your new boiler until the asbestos flue pipe has been removed. Contact us for a quote 01925 967211