Asbestos in Artex | The Facts

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What to do with artex or other textured coatings in your home.

Whether there’s textured coating in your existing home or a home you are buying – there is no need for panic but you may want to take action. The asbestos is bonded within the mix and covered with possibly many years of emulsion paint layers to keep it at bay.

As long as it is in very good condition and you can live with it, then leave it alone. If you can’t live with it or it’s in poor condition you have a number of options but in the first instance you should get it surveyed with samples taken and tested as it may not contain asbestos if it has been applied since the turn of this century.

Asbestos related diseases

Testing textured coatings for asbestos.
Testing involves taking multiple samples regardless of the size of the ceiling or walls as the asbestos could be anywhere in the mix. Each sample involves scraping at least two square inches off the ceiling or wall so you will end up with patches once the sampling is complete.

If the samples come back from the laboratory positive you have a choice of complete removal of artex and plaster, boarding over, skimming or removal by gel/steam. All methods have their contamination issues and should be carried out in accordance of HSE regulations.