Concrete Removal Cost

Concrete is disposed of by weight and removal costs vary by depth, means of breaking up and removal, whether using hand tools or mechanised.

As at May 2020 the average cost to break up and remove concrete is £50 per square metre (m2) plus VAT. This cost will depend on the depth of the concrete and other factors such as transport, paying for a skip and the amount of labour/machinery used.

Concrete base removal with JCB excavator
Concrete breaking with a JCB 19-c and HM012 breaker attachment

A 3 inch base for a garden shed or garage will not be as dense as a 6 inch base and a base which is reinforced with steel rods will be more cumbersome to break up than a non reinforced base.

Concrete removal is labour intensive. We can remove an 18ft concrete sectional garage, break up and load a 30 m2 3″ non reinforced base on to the back of our truck in seven hours but it takes a team of four to do so.

A typical concrete sectional garage and base removal can generate 4-7 tonnes of concrete waste depending on the base depth and it doesn’t take many barrow loads to get to the first tonne.