Cost to dispose of asbestos

April 2020 asbestos disposal cost

A lot of waste transfer stations will charge a minimum of one ton regardless of the weight you have, we don’t! there is no minimum weight requirement – you will not be charged tons for Kgs.

Disposal at our site is by appointment only – you must telephone 01925 967 211 and book your waste in the day before you intend to deliver.

Collections must also be booked the day before, however depending on the schedule of collections, a weeks notice will guarantee collection when it’s required.

By law, all asbestos waste must be securely double bagged at source to prevent fibre release during transportation.

Any asbestos waste delivered or collected that does not comply will be charged for the correct bagging and handling.

As at February 1st 2017 fibrous asbestos waste must be packaged in UN marked bags complete with their UN waste classification code and their ADR class 9 symbol.

The weight of asbestos roof sheets vary depending on the type of sheet and its size but you can estimate the cost of disposal for 6 ft sheets at £18 per sheet plus VAT.

From our dismantling experience the weight of a single garage roof can vary between 350 – 500 kgs. Moss and Ivy will increase the weight and this also has to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Payment Terms
Payment for disposal is by major debit/credit cards, online banking or by cash.