Home buyers Asbestos Survey Report | What is it?

The benefits of the asbestos survey are:

  • Identification and assessment – Materials are confirmed through sampling carried out through a UKAS accredited laboratory. Assessment dictates whether the material poses a health risk to current and future occupants.
  • Management of asbestos – If you know where the asbestos is, you can monitor and manage it very easily. If any works are carried out in the home you can make tradesmen and contractors aware that asbestos is present and they can take action to avoid disturbance.
  • Removal or Encapsulate – The survey gives the breakdown of costs to remove the asbestos if required and the costs to encapsulate, that is seal in the fibres for continuous use.

According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) there are still millions of buildings in the UK that still contain asbestos. It is a health risk but the survey will help you manage those risks and giving you peace of mind.

Our asbestos survey reports for the home start at £144 inc VAT for identification services but costs vary depending on the size of home and the number of products to be tested. Call us on 01925 967211